Our plant design experts offer custom interior plantings and containers to suit your specific environment and needs. We only select plant species appropriate to complete your d├ęcor and consider cultural conditions to ensure an ongoing healthy appearance and maintainability. Our staff is dedicated to on going quality and your continued satisfaction.


Once the plants are delivered and installed out plant maintenance technicians take over and perform ongoing plant care at your location on a weekly recurring schedule. We replace flowering plants and provide new foliage in case a plant looses it’s attractive appearance.

Accent your reception, conference room or living room with a splash of color.

We provide a wide selection of blooming plants such as Orchids, Bromeliads or seasonal color year round. The usual life can vary from 3-12 weeks and our technicians will deliver replacements as soon as the blooms begin to expire. This program will ensure that your office or home will always continue to look beautiful.

Create your unique environment

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