Design Concept Illustration

Based on the initial consultation meeting with the client and subsequent site analysis, our landscape designer or staff architect will develop a 2D schematic concept design drawing of the project to help you visualize how the property or landscape can look with the improvements.


Plant & Material Selection

Once the concept and layout has been finalized our horticulturist will specify suitable plant material for the specific environment, climate zone and design integrity.  We design to accommodate California drought conditions and water restrictions and specify low water usage plant material when ever possible and design appropriate.

From the 2D concept plan we are able to create a digital 3D visualization to further help “visualize” the end result upon client request. Once a concept is fully approved, we then with client assistance and budget guidance begin the material selection process. We specify finishes, design regular and low water usage irrigation and drip systems, add landscape lighting and create further construction drawings and details if requested. We than propose a final cost and contract to move from the creative part to the actual construction.

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