So you went on vacation to a big tropical place and while you were there you never wanted to leave.  Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  We have done hundreds of projects, many that have been creating a tropical oasis for those who love to be surrounded by peaceful nature.  If you currently have a pool, just enhance the space around it.  Add real boulders around one edge of your pool that leads to a rock spa covered in bamboo plants as well as other types of tropical foliage.  A natural stone setting could be just the thing your pool needs in order to make it your own private backyard resort.

If you don’t have a pool then you could install a koi pond with a few dramatic waterfalls.  Place an array of foliage that pairs well with this type of pond and then add a few koi fish.  You can create a space that brings peace and serenity as you walk the path to gaze at your koi fish.  The initial consultation with your landscape designer or landscape architect will help to determine a budget for your upcoming project and assist with a 2D concept design drawing of your new proposed landscape.  Next our horticulturist or landscape architect will determine which plants will be best suited for your tropical landscape based on the environment, available water and climate zone.


Whether a design has been created by you or us, we make sure to include low water usage systems and approaches when it comes to the California drought conditions.  After all the changes have been made, a 3D digital visualization can be created to showcase how the client’s landscape will look after the work would been completed.  If the visual is up to your standards and you have nothing more to change or talk about, then the project will commence.


The project above in Sherman Oaks, included these dramatic waterfalls and a sustainable Koi pond that brings the feeling of nature right to your own private backyard resort. An array of tropical foliage (bird of paradise, banana, assorted ferns, cannas, fuchsia, mondo grass, and various water plants) brings true serenity.


Below is a great example of a subtropical garden with a running stream water feature that recycles into a small pond. The small retaining wall was veneered with a stack stone product and finished with three rivers flag stone that adds beauty and functions as a seat wall.

The image below left features a waterfall with a Bali Hut that was designed and build for serenity and relaxation. To the right, you can see more Asian influence in this landscape as well as tropical foliage, natural stone seating and bamboo privacy hedges.

The bottom image showcases a Tropical pool with its real boulder highlights, rock spa spillway, Arizona flagstone coping and deck are sure to entice a well deserved plunge into the emerald waters flanked by assorted ferns, philodendrons and array of ground covers.