Sometimes just adding a small rock bed with a few flowers is all anybody needs.  You can still create something simple and cute with just a few materials.  Maybe you want to showcase your flower bed in front of your house.  Place mulch or rocks in the areas just before your front door, then fill that space with beautiful flowers and other simple bushes.    When guests walk up to ring your doorbell, they will be gaze upon your classic landscape and fall in love.


If front door plants aren’t your thing, you can have a flower bed that rests on your window sills or a garden that wraps along the exterior of the house. Within this small, you have the opportunity to play with the space and add fun lawn ornaments.  Lots of people add lights to their flower beds in order to achieve a still beautiful house even in the dark.


When you have a limited amount of plants, that means a limited amount of water that the plants need or you can look into drip irrigation where you never have to venture outside to water your garden.  If you are not a flower person the no worries.  You can create a stepping stone path that leads through your lawn and around the house.  It starts at the front of your house and leads to the side where you find a small patio equipped with lounging chairs and a table full of lemonade.  As you follow the path further, you are lead down and around to the back side of the house to find an outdoor dining table filled with dinner to feed six.
Sometimes all you need is something simple enough to get the job done and still allow you to have a good time.


Above – This traditional deign/build project for a client in Malibu showcases natural stepping stones, turf and accent plantings to create a simple yet elegant approach for this front yard landscape.


Below – Decorative bark planters, colored concrete walkway and driveway with brick ribbon inlays.

For shaded areas, ferns, azaleas and impatiens create a serene, cool atmosphere.

 Lawn and a flower bed consisting of perennial plantings rose backdrop and colorful annuals in front of a bay window can be a perfect choice for sunny areas and provide flowers through out the seasons.