Everyone wants something a little extra they can show off.  People will already be amazed with your new fire pit or your tropical oasis, but you know you got to take it one step further.  Koi ponds need pretty lights in and around the water to make the oasis feel more serene.  Fireplaces need better seating for your friends who want a closer look.  When you enhance your outdoor pool, you have to have a small waterfall plunging into the pool from the hot tub.  You also need mist that dances off the waterfalls and gives your space the mystery and intrigue your guests are craving.


So you have install a nice koi pond with a Bali Hut for you to build upon your yoga skills and reach ultimate relaxation.  During the day while you bask in the sunlight in your Hut, you are surrounded by the peaceful sounds of water pouring into your koi pond.  When night falls, many different lights illuminate the Bali hut as well as the waterfalls.  Now you find yourself in much more romantic and peaceful place than you were earlier that day.  Blue and green LED lights shine through the water to give it a mystical as well as a natural feel.  Yellow lights shine on the tropical plants and behind the waterfalls to highlight the overall atmosphere of peace.  You can even add a misting pressure that creates a fog in order to enhance the tropical setting you are trying to achieve.


Other special effects include personalizing stone seats that sit around a fire pit at night.  You give your guests a comfortable boulder to sit upon while still having room for a drink and a few snacks.  The sky’s the limit with the space you create.  We are just here to help make your landscaping dreams come to life.


This custom koi pond project above features color changing LED lights that transform this pond to something mystical at night. The lights can be programmed to automatically change color over time or the client can decide on a specific light color with a simple smart phone interface.


The project below features a round gas fireplace lid at night with custom carved stone seats all around. Bougainvillea vines are glimmering in the back ground.
“Bring the marshmallows”!

More special effect lighting images. The photo on the lower left showcases high pressure misters that create live like fog to enhance and mystify this tropical setting.