Huddle up around your new fireplace or pit.  You can make it modern to wear it turns on with the touch of a button or one that you have to light up yourself.  Whichever preference, we make it easy for you.  Some people enjoy the experience of nature and have a stone fire pit surrounded by the plants within the property.  Others like the experience of sitting around a fire at night in or outside their home and watching the flames dance among each other.  One client created an automatic fireplace next to a pool with a stucco finish.  Below the flames was a type of black colored glass that illuminated majestic reflections of the fire once it was lit.


Seating is also an important consideration to take into account.  When you invite people over to sit around the fire and roast marshmallows, where will they sit?   Some people have built stone fire pits with personalized and comfortable boulder seats.  Others provide seating alongside the fireplace or just allow people to stand close to it.


Based on your preferences and our recommendations, you can be the designer of your space.  Otherwise, a landscape designer or our in house landscape architect will work with you to determine what type of fireplace you are looking to install, if there will be seating available, and what your budget is.  It is our top priority to make sure that the installation and construction is in accordance with local building codes and fire regulations compliance.  Safety is extremely important to our company and we strive to keep our staff as well as our clients protected when working on such projects.


There are tons of options to check out and see which ones are right for you.


In the image below you can sink into this cozy below grade fire pit with plenty of seating, fully lit with low voltage landscape lighting, Arizona flagstone floor, seats, coping and stucco finish.

The Image at the bottom of the page features a custom build fire pit with remote control push bottom igniter. It's a simple, but very elegant design that completes the pool deck and entertainment area and hides the grade separation. The surrounds were poured in place to match the pool coping and the sides were completed in a stucco finish. We used almost black colored glass below the flames that produce beautiful reflections when the fire is lid. Designed & Build by Tropical Creations in Los Angeles.