Did you know that Americans use approximately 320 gallons of water every day?  That doesn’t seem right does it? But then you have to think about where this water is going.  We use it for bathing, brushing our teeth, washing our hands, running the dishwasher or washing dishes by hand.  Washing your clothes uses a hefty amount and flushing the toilet can use between 1-4 gallons of water depending on how new it is.  Consuming water and cooking with it needs to be accounted for and lastly keeping our landscapes hydrated.  About 30 percent of our daily water usage is devoted to our outdoor usage.  That is a lot and can be lots of money lost if you have a big or even a small yard.


You can still achieve a fantastic looking yard while saving money; it is possible.  You’ll just have to change your perception on what a great green yard can look like.  Grass requires a lot of water to stay its perfect green.  Therefore you need to look into applying more rock and or mulch to your landscape.  Then on top of this surface, place native plants that require less watering.  When possible, our designers will specify a drip irrigation system that gets water directly to the root of the plant to minimize water loss, and runoff.  This method saves about 50-70% of water over the traditional pop up spray heads.
Many homes in the southern California area are starting to implement more native plants and apply rock or mulch to their landscapes with the drip irrigation system.  Mulch helps to prevent water evaporation and reduces weed growth.  Rock allows the water to run through the cracks and be absorbed by the soil which in turn feeds your plants.  By integrating these materials as well as this particular system, you will save money on your water bills and get a head start on upcoming regulations.


Below is a project done in West L.A. Drought tolerant ornamental grasses feature beauty and low maintenance rolled all into one. LA Department of Water & Power rebates were applied and paid for the old turf removal. A drip irrigation system only waters the plants, not the ornamental rock cover.


This side yard features a new dodonea viscosa hedge with bold purpurea colors that provide for a modern look and make this one of a kind. Project designed and build in house.

Below left another close up of a DG walkway and water-wise landscaping. All plants are native to the area, require less water and were installed with drip irrigation.

The photo below to the right features a natural pond with low water use succulents and native plants as well as native rock ground cover that blends in with the