Adding a koi pond could be just what you need to add a more peaceful vibe to your landscape.  Koi fish are known to symbolize good fortune, courage, success, and peace.  The homes these fish live in can also provide a natural and calming experience for those who have this on their property.  The pond setting can be set up with river rocks that lead into a bigger pond.  Other clients have installed small waterfalls with lights illuminated behind them and tropical plants surrounding the pond.  The fish have freedom to swim wherever the pond takes them.


Your designs can come to life in your own backyard or our landscape designer/architect will create it for you.  Based on this, we can quickly determine how much space can be used for the pond, plants, and other systems within the project site.  Then we get down to talking about what you like to afford. Most importantly is the filter system we design to keep maintenance to a minimum and water clear!  Do you want a bridge that crosses over your koi pond or do you want a deck that overlooks the pond?  There is also room to provide natural seating for those who intend to watch the koi fish swim about the pond.
Clients also have the ability to add special features that enhance the atmosphere of their koi ponds.  Some install colored lights that change under the surface to give out a mystical feel.  You can also apply misters to shoot water around the waterfall to give your koi pond a warm feel.  Clients can decide how much light they want to be shown, what colors to choose from, and how much mist to give off at the click of a button via iPhone or iPad.  Whatever you imagine your koi pond to look like, we can make it happen.


Above is your own private backyard resort. Forget the four seasons hotel and vacation at home. The waterfalls are build from natural three rivers boulders and the flow capacity can exceed 18000 gallon per hour. This 9000 gallon pond has been carefully designed for easy maintenance and features two separate filtration systems. It’s controlled via I-Pad/Phone and It is fully stocked with beautiful Japanese Koi fish.


Below is the same project from a different perspective showcasing the lighting features that were installed in and around the waterfalls. It brings magic to this magnificent build.

The images below showcase a purpose build river with granite boulders and river rocks. It was originally designed to be a dry river. Careful in-house engineering allowed for enough cost savings to allow the client to afford running water without a substantial budget increase.