Rain falling on our lawns is like heaven on Earth when you live in some of the dry parts of the United States; especially southern California.  That’s why most Americans rely on the artificial applications of water, otherwise known as irrigation.  We use, on average, 320 gallons of water every day and about 30% of that is used for lawn care.  As for our lawns, there are at least three different types of irrigation systems.  These include, spray head sprinklers, rotating heads and the ever so popular drip irrigation, and all kinds of weather and moisture sensors to go with it.


A sprinkler system with a weather based irrigation controller is just what the doctor ordered.  Most of these systems run on a timer that received local weather data throughout the day and can apply water as needed. There based on ET, “evapotranspiration” calculations.


Today’s advances in irrigation technology can also help with water savings on turf grass by using new rotating nozzles instead of the more traditional spray nozzles. Another system is the drip irrigation which is great for those looking to save more water.  This is ideal for targeting smaller yards or single plants as the system runs underground only watering the root zones.  With this system, you have little water evaporation and have more control over how much water you use.


Depending on the square footage of your yard and how much water you intend to converse, if any at all, one of these systems are sure to work for you.  You can minimize the water usage based on the plants you have on your landscape or whether or not you have grass.  These factors can make a huge difference in how much water we use on a daily basis.

We specialize in low water irrigation systems design and construction. Use LA DWP or similar water agency programs and rebates to apply for and pay for your water conservation upgrades.

A drip system, for example, can be the right choice in areas where ground cover plants are used. Like this newly planted star jasmine bed that will grow in and hide the drip system and lateral supply lines leaving eventually a clean look while being water wise.

Irrigation design is a very important part of any landscape project. Specifying the correct materials, calculating water flow and pressure to properly size pipe, valves and supply lines and proper placement of sprinkler heads and emitters is essential to achieving an effective, efficient system that will provide maximum coverage and low water usage!

Don't forget to check current water agency rebates or call us for assistance.