Indoor Plants are maintained much different than exterior plants due to the unnatural growing environment inside your home or office suite. You need plants that can tolerate low light levels, heating and air conditioning. You also need special expertise, training and attention to detail to provide proper care.


Tropical Creations is here to help!


You will have the ability to choose from our proven plant pallet of tropical foliage and flowering plants that can then be delivered, staged in decorative containers and safely placed inside your home or office space. We are all about horticulture and making things more beautiful and accommodating to your interior design.  Once you put life in your home you are sure to be a happier person.


We will help you chose from a variety of flowers and other plants that are hypoallergenic so you family and or clients can breathe better.  Once you have your types picked out, one of our plant specialists will talk to you about the proper can for each type and what you need to do in order to maintain a healthy status.
Depending on your preference, we may dispatch our interior plant care technicians to your home or office to professionally maintain your plants on a regular weekly or bi weekly schedule.  We also provide Bromeliad and Orchid rotations as well as regular scheduled fresh flower change outs.  Interior plants may be just want the doctor ordered in order to give your business or home something a little extra.